Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was May 1st otherwise known as May Day  - a celebration of Spring and of the Labor Force.  The weather could not have been more perfect yesterday.   Robert and I chose to have our breakfast on the porch since it was already nearing 80 degrees.   Now mind you, I had him fill all the bird feeders up the night before in anticipation that I would be rewarded with the annual visit from the Rose-breasted Grosbeak but I had no idea he would come the very next morning.  He continued to feed all morning jumping from feeder to feeder, then down to the birdbaths ( he found both but preferred the one nearest to his food source )   We watched in amazement for more than 2 hours until finally he had his fill and landed in the plum tree to sing and clean his beak.  Today it was super windy and cold and everytime I peaked out the window, he was nowhere in sight.   Hopefully he was just laying low until the winds died down.  He was one beautiful bird.

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