Sunday, May 5, 2013

Reflecting on pets no longer with us

In our 27 years of marriage, we have been owned and loved by 7 wonderful cats - not all at the same time of course.   Three was the most we had at one time, five we adopted from shelters, one was given to us by someone who was moving where no pets were allowed and one named Lucky, who adopted us by showing up on our deck during one of the most dreadful heat waves, dying of thirst and hunger.   He instinctively knew that we would be the ones who would rescue him and give him the pampered life he so deserved.  Yes, he was Lucky, but so were we.   The picture I'm sharing today is of our Angel, the most precious white fluffy fur  ball who adored chattering to the blue jays and squirrels who came by for peanuts on the deck.   She did live up to her name, but she did have a mischievous side as well.   For some strange reason she loved "twist ties" and would know just when there was one on the counter.   She knew she was not allowed to walk the counters, but somehow she'd sneak up, snatch the tie and playfully toss it around on the floor.   I never had the heart to reprimand her - it was her one naughty habit and I was an enabler who let her get away with it.   Oh, to have her back for just one more day........

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