Wednesday, May 22, 2013

That Time of Year

Spent the morning out in the country at our favorite garden center which keeps expanding and getting larger every year.  It's starting to get a bit overwhelming especially after some health issues I've experienced this past year.   It makes me yearn for the days when there were only a couple of greenhouses that you could navigate quite efficiently. Now they hand you a map with over 40 greenhouses and an endless choice of plants to choose from.   Talk about being a kid in a candy shop!  I know progress is good, but not always better.   Even a seasoned gardener such as myself starts feeling a bit exhausted by the endless varieties to choose from.   I sometimes long for the small, simple garden centers which are getting harder to come by these days.   It makes ones choices so much simpler and easier.   But, I do have to say I found some gorgeous hanging baskets and herbs at very reasonable prices so I shouldn't complain.   But I will try to purchase some things this week at the smaller garden centers so I can do my part to help them stay in business.   Oh, and as soon as I hung up the impatien hanging baskets on the front porch, the hummingbird was there checking out her supply of goodies.

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