Friday, May 24, 2013

A Baby Boom

We seem to be having quite a baby boom around here lately.   Here is a baby robin from the nest picture I posted a few days ago.   He's quite a big guy and very vocal.  Hopefully his three siblings will join him and leave the nest so that we can change the porch light bulb!   We also have a family of doves who were sitting at the back porch, Dad, Mom and Junior.   I had never seen a baby dove and he was pretty scrawny but cute just the same.  Of course the baby bunnies are still running all around - they're a lot of fun to watch.   Their parents don't seem to stay close to them like the bird parents do.   I worry about "my babies".   Will something harm them in the dark, cold night?   I just have to trust God to watch out for the little creatures and hopefully they'll come through childhood just fine!

Updated pictures of one of our baby robins who decided to perch on my front door wreath.

                                           Another picture of the baby dove.

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