Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is bigger really better?

I had the most unpleasant shopping experience today.  I made the choice to accompany my husband to the new MEGA MENARDS SUPERSTORE which makes the regular Menards look like a small Mom and Pop shop in comparison.  You would think that the bigger the store, more aisle space, less crowding?  WRONG!   This store even has a second floor and to get up there you secure yourself and your shopping cart onto this electric ramp ( similar to that in the airports ) that takes you up to an endless inventory of toilets, sinks and cabinets.  Sorry but I was not impressed and with everything scattered through miles and miles of store, I tired easily and spent way less money than I would have in a smaller, shopper friendly environment.   Even their garden section was a disappointment, but maybe by time I made it there, I was a bit tired and cranky and ready to sit down to a quiet lunch.   Sorry corporate America, bigger does not always make it better.  Oh, did I mention that YOU the shopper have to bag your own items at this Super Duper Mega Store?   Sorry, but I won't be back.

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