Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neighbors who imitate - is it really flattering?

 A couple of years ago I went crazy with the spray paint just as I had a few years earlier when everything was magically turned to purple.   This time, everything became lime green or bright sunny yellow.   Even the wicker didn't escape but Monty seems happy with it as you can see below.   Anyway, I have bright yellow furniture, pillows, bird cages, lime green watering cans, flower pots - you get the picture.   Well, the woman across the street decided this spring to transform her deck and garden all in, you guessed it - LIME GREEN!   Pots, painted furniture - she even has a big lime green bird cage on a table.   Mmmm, wonder where she got her ideas from?  Should I be flattered?   Should I be annoyed that someone can't think for themselves and come up with their own ideas?   I still haven't decided if I'm annoyed or flattered, but this is America and she can decorate her garden any damn way she pleases, I suppose.

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