Monday, May 13, 2013

My Love of Books

It all started with an assortment of Little Golden Books on my bookcase when I was a very small child.  Mom made sure they were within reach so that I could pull them out and read them whenever I so desired.  She also joined the Dr. Seuss book of the month club and I waited patiently for Mailman Bob to deliver the slim box of Dr. Seuss magic with great anticipation.   She read and reread them over and over again until I had them memorized. As soon as I started elementary school, Mom had me join the Scholastic Book club, where I would pick out paperback books to add to my expanding collection.  Those books opened me up to Laura Ingalls adventures, Nancy Drew and bio's of Madame Currie and Florence Nightengale.  I truly became addicted to reading and between my collection of books and the ones I checked out at the library, I always seemed to have my nose buried in one.  Oh, lets not forget the Tiger Beat's and 16 Magazines and MAD.  I couldn't go past the village drug store without buying my favorite magazines. Today I have an extensive collection including gardening, cooking, decorating, bio's, anything on Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana.   I'm never bored because I always have those familiar "friends" to fall back on, to escape from troubles and worries.   Love of books was the best gift my Mother gave me.  Thank you mom.

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