Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

She wasn't perfect.   She had a hard childhood filled with illness and an overbearing father, but she did the best she could when it came to mothering us.  I often think in a different place and time, she could have been so much more - she could have let her talents shine.  She was artistic and a fantastic cook.   When I needed a costume for the various plays I was in during my school years, she came up with the most amazing ideas like the time I played Mrs. Santa Clause in 5th Grade.  I had a pretty red " Granny Dress" that was popular in the 60's that served well for Mrs. Santa, complete with a ruffled apron borrowed from Mom.   I had the rose colored Granny glasses fashionable at that time that were perfect.  I just needed snowy white hair.   Mom took a plastic wig of mine, covered it with fluffy cotton balls and like magic, I was transformed into a kindly old lady.  I like to think I got my creativity from her.   Miss you mom.

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Anonymous said...

I remember that day quite well. You did a fantastic job setting everything up for Debbie's wedding.