Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Do Nothin' Day of Bliss

 Sometimes if feels good just to do nothing!   Just kick your feet up on the shady porch, sip a cold ice tea, feel the breeze and watch the birds at the feeder.   I did just that yesterday, thumbing through my garden and home magazines, eating bon bons and watching the world go by.   The smell of the lily of the valley scented the entire porch and the birds were having a wonderful time eating seed and suets.   We even have robins eating the suets - something I hadn't seen in years past.   Speaking of robins, we have 3 babies up high in a nest on the back porch light.   We have been trying to keep from using that entrance when at all possible, Mom gets so upset with us.   She flies to a nearby tree or the gutter of our garage and screeches at us as the babies chirp away.   We have nests there every year.   I wonder if it's the same parents?  Anyway they are enjoyable to hear.   Hope you're keeping cool and enjoying a peaceful weekend.

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