Friday, May 3, 2013

The Ending of an Era

Good Morning Dear Gentle Readers.  I made a sad discovery this week when I went to pick out flower seeds and bird suet at my local True Value Store which I had been going to for years.    It had a huge " Going Out of Business " banner blowing in the wind.   Upon entering the store I saw most of the merchandise was gone, prices were slashed on what was left - it was eerily empty.   There was no bird food to be found but I was able to find the flower seeds I was looking for and as I checked out I told the 2 women at the register that I was really going to miss the store.   The older woman who was the owner said if more people had come more often and felt as I did, she wouldn't have to shut the doors but it was hard for her now as the widow of the owner, to keep up with the huge box stores i.e. Home Depot, Menards, etc.   I wished her well but left with a sad feeling that here was one more small business that was closing due to "progress".   I have always made a conscience choice to purchase at small shops if at all possible.   I would rather pay a little extra to support them.   They are a vital part of our communities.   There is nothing sadder than to see all these empty buildings that were once thriving businesses in our towns.   So, if you have a chance, please frequent the small business shops when possible and keep them going.   They need our support.

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