Friday, May 31, 2013


 Wednesday we were involved in a horrible car accident with another car who slammed into the door next to me.   I was thrown out of my seat belt into the dash, my head hit the top of the roof and my husband found me on top of him when the impact stopped.   It still plays over and over in my mind.  Thank God a police officer just happened to be in the area, he took control until the medics came.   They had to call for firemen to cut me out of the car with the "jaws of life", then transport me on the board with a neck brace to the hospital.   Everyone involved in saving us and controlling everything were wonderful.   Such professionals, such command of a situation.  While our car was totalled, we were not.   By the grace of God we were spared terrible injuries.   After Cat scans and X-Rays in the emergency unit, it was determined that my husband and I could go home with prescriptions of muscle relaxers and Motrin.  No scrapes or cuts, just a lot of bruising and soreness.   I have always had such respect for the emergency responders, now more than ever.  They are my heroes forever!  You can see our Toyota Rav4 is totalled and the car on the right is the one that slammed into us.  Hopefully those people didn't sustain bad injuries and were as blessed as we were.

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