Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waking up to pure mischief!

We spent last night on the front porch.  The weather was beautiful, no bugs to contend with yet, so we sat and had tea, read and played with our I Phones, filled up the bird feeders and suet cages and fed the squirrels.   We had fun tossing peanuts to them, some were even so bold as to come right up on the porch.  I have a pretty ceramic squirrel basket that I purchased at Marshall Fields many years ago and I always keep it stashed with salted peanuts in their shells for us and the squirrels.   Well, I left my husband and cat alone on the porch while I came in to shower and I reminded him not to leave the peanut basket out.   Now, what do you think he did? He FORGOT to bring it in and what did I wake up to?   Squirrels all over the porch, high on peanuts, jumping and running around, empty shells on the table next to the EMPTY basket - even squirrel poop on my table -  the ungrateful varmints.  But still, they were so cute scampering all over the the place, bellies full.   I can't blame them for their behavior.   But now I'm totally out of nuts and they'll just have to wait till market day before they get those treats again.  Hope they stashed some for a rainy day!

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