Saturday, May 18, 2013

Still Crazy After All These Years

 Still in recovery from lunch with the girls.  The weather was picture perfect, what you might call "convertible weather".   It was us and Bob Seger blasting from the speakers, wind in our hair, laughing and singing all the way to the restaurant.  We're just old friends who, even though we had years where we didn't keep in touch, still managed to find each other - thank you Facebook - and pick up where we left off as if the years had never passed.   True friends, friends who you had some of the best moments of your life with.   Friends who are just so comfortable to be around, not judging, no jealousies, just deep friendship that's rare and hard to come by.   They've helped me get through a difficult year with laughter and support.  Love you Girlfriends - you know who you are!

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