Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heart Melter

Funny how, no matter what mood you are in, all you need to do is look into the eyes of your pet and become totally consumed by them.   They lift our spirits, make us forget our cares and concerns and they love us unconditionally.   Our big guy here has become more dog than cat.   We have had other cats who acted like  cats - aloof, detached, conceited, temperamental, moody but lovable just the same.   But none have the attributes that this cat possesses.  He demands attention quite often where the other cats were content to go off to a quiet part of the house and sleep the hours away.   This cat has to be with us most of the day and night.   Don't get me wrong, we love that about him.   He's always demanding our attention, demanding to be pet, to have treats given to him, to be let out on the front porch to watch the birds and nap the day away.   No matter what he does, you just can't get mad at him, at least not for long.  Since he was a kitten he has had this naughty streak in him which I've always referred to as his "terrible twos".   Even though he's now twelve years old, his terrible twos still surface occasionally.  Thank God he's too darn big to climb up on tables and knock things over or set his tail on fire from a lit candle like he did as a kitten.  And who can forget how he snuck into an opened dryer only to have me close the door and start it, hearing this thump, thump, thump.  I thought my husband had put in a pair of tennis shoes and as soon as I opened the door, wah lah, out tumbles our boy, shaken but still in one piece.  He's way too big for those antics anymore.   He tips the scale at 30 lbs.   I know dogs smaller than that!   That's part of the reason we treat him like a dog.   We forget he's a cat.   He listens.  He knows what we're saying to him.   Our other cats played dumb, not wanting to deal with us unless it was dinner time or they were cold and needed a warm body to cozy up to.   This big boy has turned into the spoiled child we never had and I can't imagine life without him.   He eats us out of house and home and we joke that he needs to get a part time job to support the kitty crack ( treats ) he demands so often.   But we love and adore him and wouldn't change a thing about our Monty.

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