Sunday, June 16, 2013


Happy Fathers Day!  I will be spending it with my father who I am blessed to still have around.   He's 80 years old and still going strong.   He wasn't around much when we were growing up, always eager to work as much overtime as he could to help provide for us so holidays and birthdays were special times spent with him.   His work ethic rubbed off on me and I spent my life working as he did, to better myself and acquire the things I wanted in life.  He's always had my back and I have always known that he was there for me if I ever needed anything.   I feel sorry for people who haven't had a father in their lives or had ones that were cruel and damaging to their heart and spirit.   My father was like his father, quiet, hard working but always generous and supportive.   While I never became a parent, I have observed how much he has enjoyed being a Grandfather and hope he continues to be in good health and happy for years to come.   Love you Dad!

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