Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Color Purple

Dear Friends,

Is anyone else a "purple freak"? I'm not sure if it's the pre-menopause mode I'm in or the fact that I've avoided the color purple since childhood ( my mother did my room up in all shades of purples when I was a little girl, including the canopy bed, dressing table skirt, curtains, you get the picture.) Now that I'm all grown up, purple looks "fresh" to me. So much in fact that I bought cans of Rustoleum spray paint in "grape" and sprayed all the outdoor iron furniture purple, I sprayed baskets that I filled with purple and lavender petunias, even the bird houses in the yard have been painted various shades of the hue. I'll try to post a current picture of the front porch all done up in purple in the near future. Everyone who comes to visit comments on how lovely it is. I've even taken to wearing the color and dare I admit it? Yes, I painted my nails "grape" to go with a new outfit. I thought at this point in my life I was supposed to be joining the Red Hat Ladies. I wonder if there are any Purple Hat Societies out there? If not, I may have to start one.


Marie D. said...

I love purple. :-) And I like your blog! (I arrived here through BlogHer)

Debra said...

Welcome Marie!

Don't be a stranger :-)