Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Most Generous Father

Generosity.  I think he got it from both his parents who were always generous with their time, love and gifts to us.   My brothers and I had the best birthdays and Christmases.   If we had good grades, we could always count on a trip to Topps or Shoppers world on Dads payday, where we could pick out a toy.  Thats how my Barbies acquired their beautiful extensive wardrobes, thanks to Dad.  The morning of my High School graduation, Dad showed up with an orange yellow Chevy Nova as a present for me. I couldn't wait to get dressed and show it off to my girlfriends.   As I entered the workforce, that car lasted me quite a few years and having proven myself responsible ( I did have my fathers work ethic of course ) Dad agreed to co-sign a car loan for me.  I didn't let him down.  I faithfully made each payment on time and when I was ready for a brand spanking new car, he co-signed for me again.

He was generous as well when I married and his gift helped us purchase our first home.  Poor Dad, we married the day before the Bears won the Super Bowl.  I think that whole weekend was a foggy haze for him.   But his beloved Bears pulled it off, and so
did his daughter!  To this day he continues to love and support all of us.  He turned 81 in March and we're so fortunate to still have him around to love and tease.   He's the patriarch of our family, supporting and loving his deceased younger brothers family as well.  We all look up to him and appreciate the long hours of hard work he did to give us all the life we enjoy today.  He loves being a grandfather and great-grandfather these days.  Thanks Dad for all that you do for your whole family!   We love you.

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Summer said...

Sounds like a really great father ♥