Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

I admit it, I am an anglophile, which by definition is:

A person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.
Fond or admiring of England or Britain.

This didn't just happen when William married Kate, although as you can see by the picture, I was a bit obsessed with the ceremony, waking up at 3:00am, brewing my pot of English Breakfast tea in my Royal Doulton teapot, putting out a spread of crumpets and scones for myself and the sleeping spouse.   No, I've been an admirer of all things British since falling in love with all things  Dickens, especially A Christmas Carol, and that nanny of all nannies, Mary Poppins.  I love Beatrix Potter's beautiful illustrations of bunnies and foxes romping around in Mr. McGregor's garden, pictures of quaint English villages with thatched roofed cottages, English hymns and songs, especially Greensleeves, and of course The Beatles.  I first remember following the activities of the royals in 1969 when Charles was crowned Prince of Wales by his mother and being intrigued by all the pomp and ceremony.  Then in 1973, my mother let me stay home from school and get up in the early morning hours to watch Princess Anne marry Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey.   Again, my mother and I shared a pot of tea when, in 1981 Diana Spencer married Prince Charles at St. Paul's cathedral, yes THAT St. Paul's where Mary Poppins sings about feeding the birds, tuppence a bag.  We loved getting up early to watch all the excitement of the crowds and the news commentators.  When a year later, the married couple came out of the hospital with baby Wills, well who couldn't love that picture.  And now, this week, history repeats itself on the same steps of the same hospital where Willam was introduced to the world.   But this time, it is bittersweet that HRH George of Cambridge doesn't have his Grandmother Diana here, to love and spoil that way I'm sure Kate's mother will do.   I'm sure Diana is looking down, proud and happy that William has become such a nice young man with a beautiful, down to earth wife and now an adorable little heir that we anglophiles will enjoy watching as he grows into a fine adult.   With the parents he has, can he grow up any other way?   So, I join the Brits in wishing the new family much happiness and I hope they let us catch glimpses of HRH George as he grows up, as Diana did with William and Harry.   Bravo William and Kate, job well done!   Cheerio!

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